Suan Phra Nakorn Public Park

A leisure and recreation space of Latkrabang residents, it covers an area of 50 acres. the park has lots of small and large shady trees with a refreshing atmosphere. It is where all generations gather and meet. Here, students often hang out or form study groups after school whereas the elderly do exercise together. The park also features a playground where parents can let their children play safely.

Distance: 5-minute walk

Opening Hours: 05.00 AM – 09.00 PM

Tops Supermarket

Tops Supermarket is a mid-tier grocery store located 300 meter away from our hostel offering various product including the quality and freshest products like fruits, vegetable, cooked food and bakeries while the product price tends to be cheaper than other convenience store in nearby area.

Distance: 5-minute walk

Opening hours: 07.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Punch Restaurant

Punch Restaurant serves a wide variety of Thai foods. With the Thai-Old fashion interior styles which is great for you to enjoy their recommended menus such as steamed seafood cakes in young coconut, Tom yum koong, stir-fried fluffy catfish with chili paste and salted egg, sour soup with fish and vegetables and more.

Distance: 5-minute walk

Opening Hours: 11.00 AM – 09.00 PM

Huatakhe old market

Hua Takhe market is an old community market which located in Lat krabang Soi 17 along the Prawet Burirom canal in eastern Bangkok. This market conveys the unique traditional lifestyle of Thai people in the past such as Thai local food & dessert shop, traditional Chula kite and the authentic barber shop. In addition, the Arts and Craft Market is held every first weekend of the month at the market by the Fine Arts faculty of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lat krabang. Art crafts and paintings are sold directly by the students who is the owner of the painting. Some of them will paint a portrait picture for you if you want.

Hua Takhe means the head of crocodile in Thai. It was called Hua Takhe because there are a lot of crocodile living there in the past. This place also used to be floating market of the Thais previously. When the time passed by, however, people uses cars as their main transportation, so the floating market is gone remains only shops that still looks like the old form as they were.

To sum up, if you are looking for the atmosphere of Thailand in 50-60 years ago, this place is the most convenience place to visit. You can try traditional Thai foods & desserts and buy local souvenirs at Hua Takhe market. Although this market is settled in Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand, the feeling of Thais traditional will never be faded.       Distance: 10-minute walk

Opening Hours: 08.00 AM -05.00 PM

Suvarnabhumi Night Market

Suvarnabhumi Night Market is only a ten-minute walk from our hotel. It is a place where you can find fresh Thai street food, drink, dessert, fruit, inexpensive clothes, footwear, electronics, makeup, etc. Friendly venders and nice, local atmosphere make Suvarnabhumi Night Market appealing for both local people and tourists.

Distance: 10-minute walk

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 9.30 PM


Skylane cycling park

Sky Lane is a cycling park located in the northeast corner of Suvarnabhumi Airport. You can enjoy riding a 23.5 km dedicated cycling track around the airport perimeter, as well as a 1.6 km inner cycling track. Sky Lane’s facilities specially designed for cyclists currently include medical, shop, food & beverage, track, parking lot, rest area.

Distance: 1-minute drive
Opening Hour: 06.00 AM – 07.00 PM

Siam Serpentarium

Siam Serpentarium is the first and only Asia immersive snake museum. This museum provides you new and unique experience as being a baby snake. It has been divided into 5 different area where you can enjoy including Immersive Snake Museum, Snake Planet, Naka Theater, Souvenirs and Gift Shop and Snake cafe. Moreover, the museum opens daily from

Distance: 5-minute drive

Opening Hour: 09.00 AM – 06.00 PM(last entry at 04.00 p.m.).

Klong Suan 100-year old market

Situated on the banks of Prawetburirom Canal, this market overlaps two provinces, Chachoengsao and SamutPrakan. The traditional market dates back to the reign of King Rama V. More than 100 years old, it retains the quaint charm of Thailand’s old days. Visitors will enjoy the traditional market atmosphere while enjoying a great variety of tasty food.

The market continues to be an important community center, transit point for commuters, and cargo port. More importantly, it exemplifies the intermingling of Thai, Chinese and Muslim residents who live peacefully together. Evidence of this can be seen in the architecture of its temples and mosques, and a Chinese canteen offering free vegan food for people. Khlong Suan market has been awarded cultural attraction status by Thailand’s tourism authority, marking it as a location to experience the rich culture of a bygone era.

Opening Hour: 08.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Ancient City

Ancient City is one of the most recommended tourist attraction nearby the hotel because you can feel like you travel all around Thailand through ages by visiting only this exotic place. It contains many remarkable historical and cultural heritage of Thai people since pre-historical period to Rattanakosin era; for examples, the tower of rock shelter from the pre-historical period, Prasat Phra Wihan (Preah Vihear) from the Ancient Khmer, Ho Kham from Lanna era, and Dusit Maha Prasat palace from Rattakosin era are also gathered in this Ancient city, too. Moreover, the all of the constructions can be divided into 3 types which consists of the construction which were removed from the real site for reassemble at the Ancient City, the construction which duplicated from the original or created from the historical evidence for collapsed or vanished place, and the construction which were created by the imagination of Mr. Lek Viriyaphant who is the patron of the Ancient City himself.

Distance: 40-minute drive

Opening Hour: 09.00 AM – 07.00 PM

45-minute drive
Grand Palace
45-minute drive
Wat Arun
45-minute drive


10-minute drive
Paseo Community Mall
20-minute drive
Mega Bangna Mall (IKEA)
10-minute drive
King power Duty-free Mall
30-minute drive
Paradise Park
30-minute drive
Seacon Square
45-minute drive
Platinum Fashion Mall
50-minute drive
Siam Paragon Shopping Center
50-minute drive
MBK Shopping Mall
50-minute drive
Chatuchak Weekend Market

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